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NT Oil Additive

NT Oil Additive is a negative polarity straight chain ester that attaches itself, at the molecular level, to the moving parts of any industrial or automotive machine. Nearly all machines operate in positive polarity and readily attract the negative polarity of NT Oil Additive. This product clings tenaciously to all oil wetted metal surfaces. NT Oil Additive has absolutely no eect on the metal itself. It works to reduce energy losses by sliding an ester layer upon another ester layer resulting in much less friction than oil upon oil. Nearly the entire load is carried upon these ester films in most systems. The remaining load is carried as usual by extreme pressure additives. NT Oil Additive may be used in all petroleum and most synthetic oil used in hydraulic systems, automatic transmissions, engine oils, gear lubricants and air compressors.

Available in:


Gallon and Case of 6 Gallons

5 gallon Pail

55 Gallon Drum


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