About Us

Rugged Lubricants Designed for Hardworking Agricultural Use


King Oil was established by John King, over 30 years ago. Mr. King understood and appreciated the rigorous task of agricultural equipment and designed lubricants to withstand the rigors of agricultural use. He grew King Oil with the goal to provide an oil to exceed industry oil standards. The agricultural industry relied on King Oil products to provide the highest quality of oil for their machinery needs. John sold the business in 2008 for personal reasons and over saw the operations. He passed away in 2013 and his legacy continues today.

Who We Are

We have invested heavily in updating King Oil since assuming control.  We enhanced our laboratory with specialized test equipment, upgraded the manufacturing facility by increasing our blending capacity, expanded our customer base and improved the King Oil products to exceed industry standards.

King Oil Lubricants specializes in high quality Commercial and Industrial lubricants for continuous protection that will provide power t your engine.  Our products consist of fine quality Hydraulic Oil, Petrol Engine Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, Compressor Oil, Gear Oil and Greases.

King Oil offers a wide range of lubricants in demand by our local customers.  For nearly 40 years, our facility has been blending, packaging and distributing quality agricultural, industrial and construction lubricants.



King Oil is a one stop oil company.  We do not use 3rd party contributors. We blend, test and deliver our products straight from our plant in Hagerstown, MD.. 

Personalized Service:  As a small business we provide one on one personalized service to meet all your lubrication needs. If you have a question, we are just a phone call or email away to provide you answers and help with solutions.

Oil Analysis:  The only way to accurately determine the condition of the oil in your machinery is through a used oil analysis. We provide analysis to identify potential issues as well as recommend accurate drain intervals.

Specially Designed Lubricants:  We will custom blend products for customers with specific lubricating needs. Plus, many of our most popular products have been custom designed to meet the specific needs of various types of equipment. This means that your machinery will receive the full protection needed to operate at peak efficiency.

honesty and integrity


We believe in giving our customers straightforward and honest answers.  Solid answers and sound advice are what you can expect from a veteran of the lubrication industry like King Oil Lubricants.

As the oil standards have evolved so has the performance quality of King Oil. We continue to provide lubricating oils that perform beyond industry standards.  You can rely on King Oil to provide products of the highest standards in a timely and cost effective manner.