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Rugged Lubricants formulated for Extended Equipment Life
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Rugged Lubricants formulated for Extended Equipment Life
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Rugged Lubricants formulated for Extended Equipment Life
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Rugged Lubricants formulated for Extended Equipment Life
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Rugged Lubricants formulated for Extended Equipment Life

Rugged Lubricants Designed for Hardworking Applications

King Oil Lubricants understands and appreciates how hard the agricultural industry equipment is required to perform. He designed lubricants to withstand the rigors of agricultural use. The King Oil brand is built tough to protect your machinery for the long haul under any climate conditions. These products will keep your equipment running at peak efficiency and reduce maintenance expenses.

Lubricating Oils and Greases that Perform Beyond Industry Specifications

Product News!

Hydra King Bar-N-Chain 100

This high performance oil is designed to perform to the most demanding bar and chain lubrication requirements. It is made of virgin base oil and contains tacky additives, superior anti-wear additives and a lubricity agent.

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Power King Skid Loader Oil

This fluid was developed to provide the best combination of properties available for use in hydrostatic systems. The focus was on skid loaders but there are dozens of other uses for this product.

King super solvent 32

King Super Solvent 32 will remove harmful contaminants from most oil lubricated systems. It will remove sludge, varnish and even weld slag left over from the manufacturing process or from contamination that has occurred during operation. 

Featured Product

Magnum Moly Big Plus 15W40 NT

The flagship motor oil of the King Oil Line. Magnum Moly Big Plus 15W40 NT contains 7.5% NT Oil Additive. NT Oil Additive reduces the coefficient of friction, providing proven fuel mileage benefits. This additive provides corrosion resistance and exceptional wear resistance. The wear resistance can easily be proven by used oil analysis.

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Our Commitment

As the oil standards have evolved so has the performance quality of King Oil. We continue to provide lubricating oils that perform beyond industry standards. We strive to always bring King Oil to the highest quality standards. We believe in giving straight-forward and honest answers to your questions. Please contact the King Oil Distributor in your area or call 240-707-6464.

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