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This high performance oil is designed to perform to the most demanding bar and chain lubrication requirements. It is made of virgin base oil and contains tacky additives, superior anti-wear additives and a lubricity agent. Extra lubricity reduces the friction between the chain and the bar, allowing faster sawing and reduced power losses from friction. Many users report substantially longer bar and sprocket life than with any other oil they have used. If you appreciate what this oil does for your bars, you will appreciate what our Magnum Moly Synthetic 2/Cycle Oil NT can do for your engines. ISO 100 is for moderate climates.

Every component in Hydra King Bar & Chain Oil was selected for its contribution toward extending the life of chain saw bars and chains under the most demanding conditions.

Hydra King Bar & Chain contains only virgin base oil.

Hydra King Bar & Chain flows more freely than most other oils at low temperatures. Hydra King Bar & Chain is pre-filtered to 5 microns.

Hydra King Bar & Chain contains standard and proprietary anti wear agents.

Bars and chains will run much longer if you use this oil exclusively.

Hydra King Bar & Chain contains tacky additives to assure proper adhesion of oil to chain.

Hydra King Bar & Chain contains a lubricity agent to reduce wasted friction and heat.

More power reaches the cutting teeth to perform work

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Gallon and 6 Gallon Cases

5 Gallon Pails

55 Gallon Drum