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Hydra King Bar-N-Chain 150

Hydra King Bar N Chain 150 is a high-quality product that satisfies the needs of professional loggers who desire maximum bar and chain life. Hydra King Bar-N-Chain 150 contains only virgin base oils. It contains an effective anti-wear agent and a tacky additive to make it cling to the chain. Hydra King Bar-N-Chain is available in several viscosity grades. It meets the needs of loggers in all weather conditions and in all types of sawing equipment. ISO 68 is the most fluid in cold weather. Use ISO 100 in cold or warm weather. ISO 150 is usually preferred only in warm weather. Higher viscosity grades are available for automatic sawing equipment.

Available in:


Gallon and 6 Gallon Cases

5 Gallon Pails

55 Gallon Drum