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Gear King Worm Gear 460 NT

Worm Gear 460 NT is a premium quality worm gear lubricant containing 7.5% NT Oil Additive. Worm gears exhibit very high sliding friction as opposed to the rolling friction of other gear types. This oil contains special friction modifiers that will reduce sliding friction to minimum levels. It is effective in reducing temperature rise in the most severe duty cycles of industrial worm gears.

Gear King Worm Gear 460 NT conforms in viscosity to AGMA 7 Compounded specifications. This product is formulated exclusively for worm gear applications. Do not use in hypoid gears or industrial gear sets requiring an AGMA EP gear oil.

Available in:

1 Gallon Container

2.5 Gallon Container

5 Gallon Drum

55 Gallon Drum

275 Gallon Tote

330 Gallon Tote

Case of 1 Gallon Containers = 6 quantity

Case of 2.5 Gallon Containers = 2 quantity

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