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Gear King GL-5 Synthetic 75W90 NT

Gear King GL-5 NT Series automotive gear lubricants are made of high-quality base oils and modern high-performance chemistry chosen for maximum thermal stability and wear resistance. These oils do not contain viscosity modifiers to meet the cold flow requirements of 80W and 85W as they contain a naturally high viscosity index base oil. They are available in two viscosity grades: SAE 80W90 and SAE 85W140. SAE 250 viscosity grade oil is available by special order

Available in:

Quart / Case of 12 Quarts

Gallon / Case of 6 Gallons

2.5 Gallon

5 Gallon Pail

55 Gallon Drum

275 Gallon Tote

330 Gallon Tote