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Power King Skid Loader

Power King Skid Loader Oil NT is a premium universal SAE 10W30 hydraulic and hydrostatic fluid containing approximately 2,700 PPM of zinc. This high zinc content provides exceptional anti-wear protection to pumps and motors at the high pressures of modern hydrostatic systems. This oil is very moisture resistant as it avoids the types of detergents that typically allow even minimal amounts of moisture to set up corrosion and wear in hydrostatic systems. Power King Skid Loader Oil NT contains 7.5% NT Oil Additive. NT Oil Additive cleans the gums and varnishes out of valves, extends hose and seal life and reduces the frictional heat produced in hydrostatic systems. Some users report reduced noise levels. Power King Skid Loader Oil NT contains only premium additives and high quality paraffinic base oils. Power King Skid Loader Oil NT is pre-filtered at 5 microns to assure purity. Do your part in keeping fluid clean. Change fluid annually or every 1,000 hours. We recommend used oil analysis for machines operated in severe dust or high moisture.